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The stages involved in setting up a company?

What are the steps involved in setting up a company?

The steps involved in setting up a company will vary depending on the business. However, the following is a summary of the main stages, some of which may not be required, such as authorisation of establishment for a holding company, or incorporation before a notary for a Sàrl-S.


Defining the project for setting up a company

The first step is to clearly identify the company's business, the possibilities for development, and the financing available.

This is an important step in creating the financial plan (or business plan), determining whether an establishment permit is required, and choosing the appropriate company form.

Finally, this will also be an opportunity to collect certain required documents, such as an extract from the criminal record, a declaration on honour, or a certificate of professional qualification.

It is also important to determine the location of the business and to find suitable premises for the activity.

creation of a company

Preparation of a draft of the company's articles of association

A draft deed of incorporation will be prepared according to the type of company chosen. This will indicate, among other things, the form, object, name, capital, duration and the management and organisational arrangements between the various bodies.

Agreement in principle for the establishment permit

You will need to apply for an establishment permit from the Ministry of the Economy via the


Opening a bank account

You will need to prepare your application carefully and provide a number of documents such as a copy of the identity card of the directors and ultimate economic beneficiaries, a financial plan, a draft of the company's statutes.

Once the bank account has been created and the capital paid into the account, the bank will issue a blocking certificate.


Constitution at the notary's office

This step will be the actual start of your business. Once the agreement in principle on the establishment permit and the blocking certificate has been received, the notary can proceed with the incorporation of the company.

It will pass the deed of incorporation according to the project that will have been previously prepared and validated.

Finally, the notary will file the deed of incorporation with the Trade and Companies Registry.


Application for a final establishment permit

You will need to send a copy of the final documents following incorporation and an extract from the trade and companies register to the Ministry of the Economy.


Registration with the administrations

Finally, you will be able to register with the Registration, Domains and VAT Administration and register the company as an employer with the Joint Social Security Centre.


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